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    01. Much appreciate for your great support in the past 6 years,Your quality,delivery and sense of communication are impressive
    ---From Chris Inducto Australia
    02. The quality of the parts are impressive
    ---From Freddy Sandvik Sweden
    03. I will look into new projects for you,you're always supportive and reliable
    ---From Jens Danfoss Denmark


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CNC Machining Service China



CNC Machining Service China

JINBO can offer fast turn-around, multi-axis, high-speed CNC machining solutions to fulfil most requirements

for concept models, prototype parts and low-volume production components.

We are able to machine directly from your 3D model and can supply parts from one-off’s,

up to low-volume production quantities in a wide variety of materials, including plastics and metal.

Plastics: PEEK, PC, POM, PP, PMMA, PP, PTFE, Nylon, Nylon+30%GF etc.

Metal: Aluminum, zinc, magnesium, brass, copper, bronze, mild steel and stainless steel etc.

We can also supply surface treatment methods, such as painting, silk screening, pad printing, polishing,

sand blasting, anodizing, powder coating, plating, passivation, laser etching and knurling etc.


If you have a CNC machining requirement, please contact our expert team.


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