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CNC machining machine operating procedures



CNC machining machine operating procedures

CNC machining is one of the high-efficiency and high-precision technologies in machine tool processing.

CNC machining manufacturers share machine tool operating procedures with friends,

hoping to provide safety guarantee for friends who use CNC machining.

The operating procedures of CNC machine tools consist of three parts.

The first part is the precautions before starting the machine.

Before starting the machine, the operator should carry out a series of inspections on the CNC machine tool,

including: checking the air pressure, voltage and oil pressure before the power supply meets the requirements,

the movable part of the machine tool is in the normal working state,

the work table has no offside, over limit state, and the electrical components are firm. 

No wiring is disconnected, and the grounding wire of the machine tool and the ground wire of the workshop are reliably connected.

All parts are normal, and the CNC processing plant can open the main power switch.

The second part is the booting process.

The operator should start the operation in strict accordance with the order of the machine tool.

In the process of starting the machine, first return to the reference point of the machine to establish the machine coordinate system;

let the machine run for more than 15 minutes to make it reach equilibrium.

After shutting down, wait for more than 5 minutes and then turn it on again.

Do not turn on and off frequently without special circumstances.

The third part is the debugging process.

The CNC processing plant should edit, modify and debug the program;

install and debug the fixture according to the process requirements, remove the iron filings and debris from each positioning surface;

clamp the workpiece as required to ensure correct and reliable positioning;

The machining center requires that the tool position number of the tool on the tool magazine be the same as the tool number in the program;

the workpiece coordinate system is established according to the programmed origin on the workpiece.

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