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What Things Can You Make With A CNC Machine?



What Things Can You Make With A CNC Machine?

Computer numerical control (CNC) is a very convenient and efficient manufacturing technique that utilizes computer-programmed machines and tools to design a wide variety of materials and items. Such items are often produced with incredible precision in mind so that each item emerges from the machine exactly how it was intended to be made. The same goes for individual parts or tools that a CNC machine can design. Many of these items are used in industries where precision must be second-to-none, such as aviation and aerospace.

These are some of the most common items that can be produced by a CNC machine:

    Wooden chairs with rustic flair to go on your patio or inside your cottage in the western United States
    Wood or metal plaques engraved with someone’s name, organization, and accomplishments to proudly hang on the wall
    Wood or metal ornaments and decorations to hang up around your house at the holidays – or to put on your Christmas tree
    Auto parts used in the inner workings of a car to help the vehicle function properly

Aviation parts used within the inner-workings of an airplane to ensure it functions properly and is handled by a pilot with ease


Steel aerospace parts for a shuttle, such as a steel part used to support the outer base of the spacecraft

    Prototypes for certain products, such as a prototype of a wooden figurine with the goal of mass-producing it
    Metal pieces used within an the inner-workings of a smartphone
    Plastic pieces designed to support the outer layer of a portable, battery-powered AM/FM radio
    Legs used to support a large, wooden computer desk
    Wooden napkin holders to hold everyone’s napkins for your Thanksgiving dinner
    Wooden cooking spoons to help you stir up the chicken soup in the pot on the stove

Plastic parts of a kitchen blender to help you mix up some adult beverages for your next house party

Because CNC offers such precise cutting and manipulation capabilities, it’s easy to say that almost any item made of wood, metal, aluminum, alloys, and other various materials can be either fully constructed or improved on by using a CNC machine. Whether it’s a CNC mill, a CNC plasma cutter, or a CNC water jet cutter, there are numerous CNC machines that offer all types of production techniques to fit any budget and manufacturing needs. This is why CNC machines are found in both private homes and in large production centers.



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