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What factors will affect the accuracy of CNC machining?



What factors will affect the accuracy of CNC machining?

After a long period of testing, CNC machining manufacturers found that temperature,

reverse deviation and clearance error are the main influencing factors for improving the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools.

Please see the specific introduction below.

The change of temperature affects the static precision and dynamic precision of the machine tool.

In the processing of CNC machining, motor heating, workpiece friction, etc.

will cause temperature changes, resulting in loss of adjustment accuracy, and the size and accuracy of the machined workpiece will also be affected.

In addition, temperature changes have a certain impact on the bearing clearance and the relative position of the parts,

these effects will reduce the machining accuracy of the machine.

In the process of machining the workpiece in the CNC processing plant,

the coordinate axis causes a reverse dead zone or backlash during the transmission process,

which causes an error phenomenon, and its performance is the reverse deviation.

If the CNC machine tool adopts a semi-closed loop servo system,

the existence of reverse deviation will affect the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the machine tool,

and affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece.

Finally, the gap error is the error caused by the gap in the machine drive chain running.

When the motor is running, the machine does not produce motion,

which will cause the CNC machine to oscillate or have large errors.

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