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Stainless steel identification skills



Stainless steel identification skills

With the rapid development of the economy, the application of stainless steel products and stainless steel is more and more extensive,

and it is closely related to people's daily life.

The understanding of multi-person stainless steel is not comprehensive enough.

The maintenance methods of stainless steel products are not well understood,

and the method of identifying stainless steel is also very simple. .

Most people also think that stainless steel is a material that never rusts.

In fact, this is not the case.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is superior to other metal materials.

The reason is that stainless steel has a passivation film on the outside.

It is a very stable oxide in nature and is oxidized depending on the conditions of use.

Depending on the degree, the final stainless steel product will also be oxidized.

Stainless steel is generally worthy of steel with resistance to air corrosion,

steam corrosion, water and weak corrosive media and acid and alkali salts.

Let us introduce several stainless steel tips.

Potion test: Convenient to carry the medicine, you can inspect the stainless steel in any occasion,

only need to drop on the steel, and the color will be reflected quickly.

If the material does not contain nickel, the drops will turn dark red instantly;

201 stainless steel will turn brownish red after dropping the potion;

202 stainless steel drops the potion will turn brown red in a few seconds;

301 stainless steel drops will be in 1-2 Minute programming brick red;

304 stainless steel 3-5 minutes without any change.

Price evaluation method: Fully understand the stainless steel market.

If there is a large difference in the price of a steel in the market,

it is necessary to consider the quality of stainless steel at a low price.

Company integrity: A good stainless steel manufacturer,

if you want to establish a foothold in the market for a long time, you must establish a good faith.

Contract agreement method: Before purchase, the manufacturer will provide the specific parameters of the product,

including the order steel grade, quantity, material, delivery time, production time, production batch number, delivery date, etc.,

consumers should strictly check the information when receiving the goods, there is a problem. Negotiate and return in time.

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