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What Is Mechanical Assembly?



What Is Mechanical Assembly?

Industrial assemblies are mainly 2 categories:mechanical assemblies and electro mechanical assemblies.

Mechanical assemblies consist of parts that are put together to perform a mechanical function, such as lenses and other non-electronic components.


Electro mechanical assemblies include products that use electronic components to perform mechanical operations, such as disk drives and motorized devices.


Mechanical assembly is a term that is sometimes used to describe the process of putting together components on an assembly line. The term may also be applied to an assembled product or part made in this way. In either case, mechanical assembly carries the connotation of putting component parts together to make a complete product or perform a function.


Mechanical assembly requires special engineering techniques to ensure cost-effective and on-time assembly of products. To design products for mechanical assembly, engineers must essentially build the product in the design and then disassemble it. By doing so, the engineer can decide the steps necessary to build the product in a logical order using assembly line technology.


Products manufactured in this manner can be easily disassembled and reassembled in remote locations. Production costs are often lowered as component parts can be created off site and assembled in the factory. These products can also be repaired easily with in-stock replacement parts. With the ability to easily take apart mechanical assemblies and reassemble them, these products can be upgraded easily.



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