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The Role of Surface Grinding And Polishing of Precision Parts



The Role of Surface Grinding And Polishing of Precision Parts

Many production equipments will use precision parts, and the production of precision parts for the equipment to produce the corresponding products to provide convenient, efficient role. These components may be just a small nut, possibly the core component of an entire device. Therefore, we have a certain basic understanding of these components, but the role of surface treatment "grinding and polishing", you may not be clear.  



Grinding and polishing are important links in precision machining and have a long history. From a long time ago, the ancients used grinding and polishing technology to create gemstone accessories, bronze mirrors, cold weapons and so on. Due to the rapid development of industry and the continuous improvement of precision machining technology, grinding and polishing technology has gradually entered the industrial field, providing surface treatment and beautification for lenses, mirrors, silicon substrates and so on. In modern times, precision grinding and polishing technology has penetrated into various industries, such as aviation, electronic information, optics and so on. 


Of course, grinding and polishing, not only to beautify the surface of the workpiece, but also to improve the quality of the surface of precision parts, to meet the needs of customers, there will be no appearance of surface flower, dirty phenomenon. 




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