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The treatment of the aluminum alloy surface is as follows!



The treatment of the aluminum alloy surface is as follows!

What does aluminum alloy cnc processing mean?

Aluminum alloy cnc processing is a method of controlling the movement and processing of machine tools by using digital information.

Machine tool for machining control with numerical control technology.

1. Aluminum alloy casing CNC machining electroplating tin-cobalt alloy

The tin-cobalt alloy plating is similar to the color of the electroplated cobalt, but it is softer and more popular. 

At present, most foreign countries are used to replace chromium.

Electroplated cobalt is not easy to be plated, while electroplated tin-cobalt alloy is suitable for barrel plating of small parts.

In addition, the electroplated tin-cobalt alloy has excellent throwing power and barrel plating capability,

so it can be applied to workpieces with complex shapes.

If the double-layer nickel is electroplated on the bottom layer, its corrosion resistance is no less than that of electroplating.

In order to prevent surface discoloration, it is treated by impregnating chromate, which also improves its corrosion resistance.

2, aluminum alloy CNC processing electroplating copper - tin alloy

The low-tin bronze coating of the aluminum alloy shell is pink or golden, with fine crystals.

It has high corrosion resistance and good throwing light performance.

It is often used as a protective-decorative nickel substrate for light industry and handicraft industry,

mechanical instrument industry and other industries.

The tin-plated bronzecoating has a golden color and good corrosion resistance. Mainly used as a decorative chrome-plated bottom layer.

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