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What are the effects of surface roughness on precision parts ?



What are the effects of surface roughness on precision parts ?

Surface roughness is a measure of the texture of a surface. It is quantified by the vertical deviations of a real surface from its ideal form.Roughness is typically considered to be the high-frequency, short-wavelength component of a measured surface.

In practice, it is often necessary to know both the ampli-tude and frequency to ensure that a surface is fit for purpose.



In order to make a precision part with smooth surface, it is necessary to strictly control the surface roughness during precision machining. So what are the effects of surface roughness on the performance of precision parts ?  Here are 4 aspects:


1. wear resistance: if the surface roughness of parts is greater, The smaller the effective contact area with other parts, the greater the relative friction resistance. At this time, the wear of parts is getting faster and faster, it is difficult to ensure that their life meets the requirements of production. 


2. Corrosion resistance: due to the rough surface of the parts, corrosive substances will be involved in the concave valley around the surface, after a long period of accumulation will gradually penetrate into the inner layer of the parts, resulting in surface rust, affecting the normal operation.


3. Matching stability: due to the large roughness, the parts that work with each other will gradually wear out because of friction force, which will make the workpiece match loose and affect the stability. 


4. Measurement accuracy: precision parts in the production and processing, precision machining enterprises will measure their precision, at this time the roughness will directly affect the measurement accuracy. 



Based on years of experience and the most advanced and reliable 5-axis Tsugami and 4-axis Gama machines,along with Japan Mituyoto inspection devices, we had built up a mature quality control system, including to set the surface roughness of precision parts in a reasonable range. Please click here to contact us if you need the surface roughness of your parts get a good control.


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