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The typical application of aluminum alloy 3series



The typical application of aluminum alloy 3series


  3003 is used for processing need good formability, high corrosion resistance, weldability good parts, components, or both require these performance and needs to have more than 1 XXX alloy high strength work, such as kitchen utensils and appliances, food and chemical products processing and storage devices, and transportation of liquid product tank, tank, with thin plate processing all kinds of pressure vessel and pipeline
  3004 all aluminum cans cans, requires higher than 3003 alloy intensity of parts, chemical products production and storage device, sheet processing parts, construction mechanical parts, construction tools, lamps and lanterns of various parts
  Room 3105 partition, dampers, trailer plate, gutters and downspouts, sheet forming machined part, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, etc
  3 a21 airplane oil tank, oil pipe, rivet wire, etc.;Building materials and food and other industrial equipment



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